Persian textile block-printed handmade (Ghalamkar), Pure cotton, 200*135 cm - (1)

Persian textile table cloth block-printed - Handmade (Ghalamkar) - Pure cotton, 200*135 cm - (01)

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200 × 135 × 0 cm
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This product is a square cloth with Traditional and Bergamot patterns in the Background. This can be used as a bed cover, tabletop, dining table, frames, curtain and gift as a dowry. The beautiful color of this cloth has a decorative effect on the lounge and can be set along with a sofa and a curtain with red paints. This cloth with different colors like Blue, white and red colors in the composition has created a unique harmony in the role and color.

100 % cotton, Machine washable and Versatility in home decorating. 

Ghalamkar fabric is a type of Textile printing, patterned Iranian Fabric. The fabric is printed using patterned wooden stamps. The stamps are mostly made of pear wood which has better flexibility and density for carving and long-standing utility. In this workshop, there are hundreds of different patterns consisting of arabesque designs, flora and fauna designs, geometric designs, pre-Islamic designs, hunting scenes, polo games, Persian poems, Armenian and Hebrew inscriptions. Ghalamkar is also known as Kalamkari in India which basically is a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile. Esfahan is one of the most important producing cities throughout the world. It also called; Qalamkar which means rendered with pen and ink that initially produced in the same method.
A tapestry may be stamped depending on its density and size, between hundreds and tens of thousands of times. For instance, a six-person table-cloth (2 meters by 1.4 meters) should be stamped about 580 times in a normal work, while with the same size up to 4000 times in an elegant work.

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