Iranian natural turquoise inlayed (Firoozecoobi) Reticular Stoup - 22 cm

Iranian Natural Turquoise inlayed (Firoozecoobi) Reticular Stoup - 22 cm
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6 × 6 × 22 cm
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The surface of the Reticular stoup of turquoise is beautifully decorated with turquoise; it can have the ultimate charm. This beautiful work, In addition to being attractive and lovely product, shines among the home appliances; it can be a space for placing water,buttermilk and drinks. This beautiful effect, made by the combination of copper and turquoise, brings a pretty blend of turquoise and copper paints, which can shine in the living room of the house. It can also be used as a beautiful gift.

General Definition: Turquoise inlaying (Firoozecoob or Firooze Coobi) is a Persian Handicraft and is set small pieces of turquoise into a mosaic on the surface of the dishes, necklaces and decorative objects (made from of copper, brass, silver and bronze). The turquoise dish if is more regular, it is more expensive and the more spacious between turquoise pieces, its valuable is more. The center of this art is Isfahan. This art was created in Mashhad about 60 or 70 years ago.

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